CATFISHING my Little Sister's "Boyfriend.." (YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS) | Brent Rivera

8. 06. 2019
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I wasn't expecting this ending! HAHAHA
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    • If I were you I would do the same thing to Andrew with your sister phone.

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  • u need to make a part 2 on this XD

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  • 3:34 he literally saw the camera...

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  • As soon i so he wispering he nows

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  • I litarlly wanna die your so weird and you do different videos and pranks on your mebers of the

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  • Brent when is your bday???

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  • Brent is the worst brother ever😂😂😂 Catfishing your sister bf.. Nasty.. I should tell Lexi to catfish you

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  • OMG😱

  • geez brent why would you put the cam there

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  • Brent: *searches up professional flirers* lol 😂

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    • Don’t think that’s a real word but..

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  • anyone else remember gracie from brents vines

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  • Who watched this video on 2020 Wait brent has a little sister I thought it was lexi

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  • you kinda did deserve the prank at the end of the video

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  • Done

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  • Brent: You'll thank me later Lexi Ben: No you won't

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  • Can you post more regular

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  • I like a you spider on your sister and tried to protector

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  • 2:08 brents like..OK!..

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  • Brent is like the ultimate big brother stereotype- protective but caring and finding 100 ways to annoy his sister Love him!

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  • Wht the heck you will feel bad!

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  • This was funny I did not expect the last part

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  • You deserved it Brent

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  • Brent:"Those two girls that came up to you, those were my girls" Me: YOUR GIRLS😕😕⁉️⁉️⁉️

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  • Hey Brent I really love you and i am ur biggest fan I really love ur vid and like I really wanna see you but i am in another country 🥺 love you and ur sis ofc 💗🥺✨🕊

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  • I new it they were whispering with the girl I think they were cuddling together Ben and that girl I’m telling Lexi when I go to California

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  • 6:16 - I'm sure Brent was about to say "Dating" but replaced it with "Seeing" at the last moment.

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