EXTREME DARES WITH MY BEST FRIENDS! (Spin the Wheel!) | Brent Rivera

11. 04. 2020
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  • Does Lexi gets shaved I’m going to be so laughing when she shaved her eyebrows🤣

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  • i ment like the same day not like i took his birthday

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  • Apr 11th is my birthday

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  • Watching this vid in like 32 weeks in quarantines:/ but this vid was greattttt

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  • 5:19 you see that he walk back haah

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  • Brent in april: I'm so done with this quarantine Covid: haha virus go brm

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  • I love you Brent can I have your number

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  • Brent what the heck I cried for you

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  • wow bc we didnt know it was a prank (no hate)

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  • brent you forgot Peirson

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  • The fact that Logan Paul is Brent's friend. Makes me really speechless.

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  • ben: time for the grand finale , Lexi Lexi : HuH???😨😨😨

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  • brent doesn't have a video without tipping the barista , or doing somethin good for his best friends . Love brent for being him!😍😘🥰🤩🤗🥺🥺now if only everyone was like this

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  • First there was bremmber then breva then now breirson

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  • I did the car pride for my birthday

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  • I can only imagine what Brent's neighbors are going through Btw love ur vids

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  • me : mom i need a hammer mom: without asking why , she gives me a hammer *few minutes late* me : comes to my mom and says my laptop's screen is broken mom : in shock asks what happened and asks where is the hammer me : i smashed that like button on all videos of brent rivera's channel mom : what the heck , you are not going to get it repaired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me : mom!!!!!!please i have my assignments of my school and how shall i attend my online classes??????????????? mom: i dont know!!!!!!! FIGHT CONTINUES BETWEEN ME AND MOM

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  • Lexi is the most hardest person to be prank on.

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  • Brent l have been in quarantine for 8 months

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  • Wait coronavirus was a thing 6 months ago and they are complaining I understand

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  • Brent:its been like...8 weeks Covid: Ummmm.... let's have 6 more months

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  • I dare you to do a dace in a store

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