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  • I Love when brent always pranks pirson

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  • Brent is so cool he is so amazing about pranking

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  • Let’s just all agree that mason is wild

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  • Pierson likes Brent ok bro

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  • Brent screams like a girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤

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  • THE LOOK ON LEXI'S FACE 🤣🤣🤣 she was like "EE" she wants BEIRSON If you agree you want "beirson" leave a like and comment!

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  • Funny!

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  • Yeah okay.... we can call them "best friends" but we know the truth BEIRSON!!!!

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  • This isn’t cute this us just sad. Sorry Brent.

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  • i love how she just came "done" love ur vids

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  • Jeremy: *likes blonde girls with bubbly personality* Me: KATIE KATIE KATIE!

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  • Brent is literally my favorite person 🙌🏼

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  • i love you brent .... u are so cute

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  • Pierson:nosreip Breid:dierb

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  • Lol I love this part Brent: Will you be my Valentine? Lexi: aaaa 🤗 Pierson: Brent,... Ee already talked about this.... Brent: huh Lexi: Wha 6:11

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  • i laughed so hard when brent said ahhh at the end

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  • Jeremy looks like Nick Mayorga

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  • Who didn't notice 'From' spelling wrong here 2:44

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  • 300 likes done now tell brent to eat

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  • I feel like the comments are just gonna be full of “done!” Also done!

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  • do a prank to lexi your sister that you and pierson broke up

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  • I love your videos but you guys prank your friends every single day. How do they always fall for it!!?? 😂😂

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  • I only liked the video because first of all I love Pierson but also so Brent has to eat the spicy pepper. nah i and just joking

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  • It on good

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  • Am I the only one that thinks the guy wearing the 'VANS"shirt looks like Alex from Alex and co or am I just crazy

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  • Detective Deadpool is back ppl!.. Aaaand.. What happened to eva's eyes? 🐒 🧐

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  • 7.43 when brent said 3 wings i thought he meant andrew and the twins for a sec :>

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  • Doe pls choose me I watch all of ur vids!I love you well ur videos hehe

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  • Ya sure ur just ^best friends^ no hate

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  • Ben homie wins most of the challenges

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  • Who wants them to shut up and get together

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  • I'm a teenager and this is inappropriate

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  • Ummm Jeremey I am right hereeeee P.S. this is maxs sister

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  • They actually do make a good couple.

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  • This video hit more than 400K likes. We need part 2🤪🤪

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  • Omg lol the one where jeremey was there omg ha ha ha ha ha

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  • Hey Brent! I love your videos so much!!!❤ #teamsingle

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  • God is great

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