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1 million likes and me and pierson will get married for 24 hours!! HAHAHA
I love you guys so much :) thanks for watching
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  • this was so much fun❤️ thanks for watching 😍 see u next time :)

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    • Hello!

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    • Brent did You see Pierson Dancing In the face of Lexi in your Wedding 😅😅🤣😂

      Daniela ErazoDaniela ErazoPřed měsícem
    • Hi Best youtuber :)

      faik Halilovskafaik HalilovskaPřed měsícem
    • I wanted to come there with you ❤️❤️❤️😭

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    • plz can i have a shoutout

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  • You and perison are Minnie and micky mouses !

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  • I love how Pierson and Brent hang not talking about jeremy and mason now that's something else but I like Pierson more than ava so yeah sorry ava

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  • I like your video

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  • Well finally lexi hensler told thank you brent....

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  • Ugh I hate them bc they kiss and everybody starts giggling and laughing like these people are like 20 and 23 years old it’s not that big class you guys still live with your parents I’m talking about friend Lexi‘s OK because she’s only like 18 19 But like seriously when piper and live who are like 13 and 16 years old nobody goes and starts giggling

    Lila ClarksonLila ClarksonPřed 10 hodinami
  • Brent makes Pierson's dreams come true he is the best

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  • I don't like Lexi Rivera

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  • Oh my god I absolutely loved this video and It was really funny as well

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  • Did Brent have a girlfriend

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  • Aww such a good Couple 😍

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  • I agree with the twins i Also ship u and peirson

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  • pierson:yayyyyyy lexih:i just want to watch netflixxxxx

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  • 24 hour marry challenge

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  • brent your trash

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  • You're getting married

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  • 7 second is to fast i cant like the video fast as i can

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  • Hes so stupid

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  • Done

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  • I really really really love your movie

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  • Really really really really really love you movie

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  • It got 1 Million likes 😱😱😱❤️

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  • Get married for reall bc I want to see that vid.Thanks

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  • Ok Done

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  • I love how u have 1 million like man congratulations brent 🙃👍

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  • she said i love you ship

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  • The 2 Girls: “Uhh we ship you and Pierson together” Jeremy: “I agree, I agree” Me watching: “YESSSSSS. I AGREEE” 😆😝

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  • Cookie

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  • Used to live in Florida but I moved to North Carolina

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  • Brent: 6:22 Me: you don’t even have to dress Mason to be trash.. JK

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  • Now you need to marry prison for 24 hours

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  • Wait now it's 15m likes

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  • You guys are so funny you guys always make me laugh like you laugh

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  • Ship you and Peterson for life

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  • Pearson and Brent looks so beautiful together

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  • Omg she said I love you to Brent

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  • They actually need each other but they can't say

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  • Why pierson and brent have issue to get married. Now Eva has a bf too

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  • 0:38 did she just say I love you 🥺🥺

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  • Done!!!!!

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  • 3:33 I literally spit water everywhere while watching this part xD

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  • I wish i could go to disneywold

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  • go back to disney world in june

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  • I love the amp team

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  • Hi brent

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  • Ahhh....I’ve noticed something....so Brent couldn’t finish his ice cream in 7 seconds but he could kiss Pierson in 7 seconds.

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  • I was always so confused between Dom and Jeremy

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  • Done and I knew this was going to happen. And you guys already got married for 24 hours

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  • There soooooo cute together

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  • Pierson said (I love you) me:Thats cute😍

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