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I love you guys so much :) thanks for watching
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  • hey so i ship dom and leaxye

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  • Did Lexi know she could of bought a llama with brents card

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  • Omg that was so kind of Lexi to use his credit card in a good way, instead of what I thought she'd be doing -buying stuff for her-

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  • Legends told me.. *Lexi Hensler never got her llama :(*

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  • I love the fact she's didn't use the card for herself only

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  • I vote for Lexi

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  • L like your sister is very cute l need a sister like your sister and 'Done' your house is very beautiful l need a ipad

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  • 1:12

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  • wait peirsons is his crush

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  • Your sister is so nice and you rude she Deserves to prank you

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  • I think dom looks better than Ben

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  • Lexie and brent are soo generous 🤩🤩😃😇

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  • Why does he keep calling Pierson his crush???

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  • In rge car ball pit thing i was likeEe This is why you should always wear seat belts 😔

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  • I think Lexi should of get a lama.

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  • Love u Brent Rivera 😘😅

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  • Done brent!you should prank lexi

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  • and I love all y’all vids sooo much

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  • I love the Fact That lexi spend the money for other people and Not for herself 😇

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  • Lexi: This is a lot of power

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  • The cop: *enters without warrent, alone, no bodycam* Me: Quite obvious this if fake.

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  • Brat why are you don’t want to date Ava just did her OK and plus a video about you and Yes

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  • why dont you hang out with caleb

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  • Done , prank Ben by acting like Lexi is dead, and say “you should’ve told her you liked her before”

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  • my heart melted when that guy said "i had a rly bad day, so just thank you." 6:43

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  • "Done" Brent Can u do any challenges with ur friends plzz

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  • u stole pierson s heart!!!! greatt

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  • JERMY: NOOOO NOOO *cries in the inside

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  • I meant Brent

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  • Brian Pearson were made for each other

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  • I was done with the that said “ i’m having a really bad day🤚🤚 so thank you🤣🤣🤣

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  • Brent:you have to check my heart beat Pierson touches wrong side Pierson:oh you're so nervous

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  • I love how lexi didn't buy anything for herself but bought it for strangers

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  • On the next video you should probably make a video where Brent avoids Lexi And at the end plz give me a shout out

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  • Brrson love you Lexi Rivera Brent Rivera person dad

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  • That is fake, police don't just come in with no warning, and how did the police officer just walk in like that

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  • This was messed up :(

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  • Lexi H voice is so smooth I am so jealous

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  • They were going in the drive thru with gru. It is not drive thru,it is drive gru.ha ha ha!

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  • Brents dictionary: AHAHAHAHAHA SHUT UP! *pranks his friend* OMG We got him so good!!!! *claps*

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  • 5:48 I love Pierson's dad sooo much! He so sweet we must protect him at all cost

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