My Sister Caught Her Boyfriend Doing This! (*CRAZY DARES)

11. 01. 2020
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  • Brent Rivera don't do this ever again of putting snakes inside of any car. And one more thing this snakes will destroy that vehicle by any cost. For example go look at Carter's Life on CSworld and go find the date October 27, 2020 of "I FOUND A HUGE SNAKE IN MY LAMBORGHINI".

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  • The diss track was too amazing lexi ,, savage level 💯

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  • umm it didnt turn blue i literally punched my laptop and nothing happened and i almost broke my laptop too cuz it had dis black out i wasnt scared tho cuz i have two laptops

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  • That means Ben really has a crush on Lexi

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    • I am talking about leaving mason in a car full of snakes a he does not like it

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    • I mean like you are a good CSworldr but you can not torture your friends like that sorry

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