5. 12. 2020
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    • The song of Dom was awesome 😂😂😂😂

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    • I am in fan of you

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  • Hi wow I love you Brent

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  • You guys are the best

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  • It was funny when the twins were running away from spiderman

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  • The fact that Pierson is the only chill one when Spider-Man showed up 😂 Edit: When the bois were singing I recorded it :>

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  • I think so ugly that you make me laugh 🤣

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  • I want you to prank your friends that you died

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  • Where is Caleb..... WHERE IS CALEB..... WhERE Is caLeb

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  • The fact that tanner didnt have a car, and the twins kicked him out of theres every week

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  • Brent is the BEST youtuber ever!!

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  • Child: spiderman also child: spiderman! brent: spiderman! child: *walks away*

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  • Done, for my mum

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  • Why are you enjoysble

  • I have never seen to pretty best friends always one of then gatta be ugly

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  • The squad should react to the song

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  • How do you find such amazing people like Jason Selena gomez and Ariana grande like you are freaking amazing

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  • I want one pls pls

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  • 8:08 XD

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    • XDDD

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  • Dom looking at the song:what the f

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  • You are such a good person 🥰🥰😋🥳😍

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  • Bro it was cute when the baby said spider man

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  • How did u get it off

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  • there begging for Dom hehehehehe it’s so funny

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  • Mason is nearly about to get his head shaved look at the likes!!?

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  • I wish I will miss you in real life Brent

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  • Like the song lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Please don't make fun of me but when I was younger like 4-5 I wanted to marry spiderman idk why😂😂

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  • Hi

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  • I your biggest fan my name is AUSTIN

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  • You suck

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  • Save up? Brent you a millionaire, how much you paying him lol?

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  • Done and that was really sad when Tanner got his new car

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  • 0:50 Me when the teacher says we're doing a pop quiz.

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  • i subed and liked

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  • Love you brent

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  • He is such a off brand David dobrik like to the point were it is not funny

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  • No no me!!!!! Please add to others!

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  • Me when I laugh:hahaha brent:ohohahaoh

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  • My name is Mason

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  • I love this video I'm dead I thought that song in real life I was about to come nine one month

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  • The song at the end was originally from David Dobrick

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  • I saw myself in That mall😝😝😝🤓

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  • That song is from David dobrik

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  • The song is legit David dobrik

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  • them: we use to ship subtitles: we use to sh*t

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  • You are great at singing

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  • 6:16 welp... Dom is dominating ( it just randomly came to my head and I had to make the joke)

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  • I wanna like but i dont want masons hair to be gone.....lol!

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  • 7:26 best song ever. AND I MEANT IT. EVER

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  • When the little girl said sPiDeRmAn I was like OMG SHES SO CUTE!

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  • Almos 599k

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  • 是灿四

    Joseph ZhangJoseph ZhangPřed 2 dny
  • With Ben

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  • Hi Brent I am Dhruvi from India I love you and I am biggest fan can you come to India with your friends please to meet me 🙏🙏

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  • no is not

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  • the only thing brent said for the jumping competition was OH HO HO HO HOOOO! that made me laugh so hard lol.

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  • Cool lol😎😎😎😎

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