Surprising My Friends With “Billie Eilish”!? (They didn't fall for it)

29. 02. 2020
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my friends didn't fall for it at all HAHAH, I think they're catching on lol
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Billie asked fans not to impersonate her in public, due to safety reasons and bad publicity. I respected those wishes and did not do anything in public with this prank. I surprised my closest friends in my house with someone dressed like her.
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  • my friends didn't fall for it at all😂😂 I think they're catching on! can we get 200k likes on this video!?😍

    Brent RiveraBrent RiveraPřed 8 měsíci
    • @Marlon Morales 😄🙃😛😘😨😳😠😰😑😧🤤🎃🤑👹👻🤖🤖🤖👾😼😺☠️🎃🎃🎃👍🤲🏻👍 🤢🤮😷🤒🤐🤧🤮🤠🤑🤑🤑🤕🤕🤒😈💩💩💩👾👾👾😹😿👌💄💄💄👅👅🦷🦷👄👄👧🏽👩🏽👨🏿‍🦱🧔🏻

      abby mcdonaldabby mcdonaldPřed 2 dny
    • @Marlon Morales 😱😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😱😂😂🤣🤣😂

      abby mcdonaldabby mcdonaldPřed 2 dny
    • Brent loads of love from india🌍💞❤🌍💞❤🌍🔥🌍❤💞🌍🔥❤🌍💞🔥😚

      Hardi ShahHardi ShahPřed 3 dny
    • It ain’t Billie :|

      Leeann LykinsLeeann LykinsPřed 8 dny
    • @SpookyBlue5 Gamer Humidor to the other hand in a few weeks back I have a great

      Lucky BhamraLucky BhamraPřed měsícem
  • No wot no

    Immaculee BarumeImmaculee BarumePřed hodinou
  • who is most likely to have a baby: lexi #this mode brent is shipping landrew # andrew and brent choke ben# R.I.P. ben/ real version/ who is most likely to have a baby/ lexi: i guess with ben brent: chokes ben

    kate Gordillo Mendozakate Gordillo MendozaPřed 4 hodinami
  • davey got really scared 😂

    Kaye CuraKaye CuraPřed 12 hodinami
  • Is it really a believing elilish

    1984megha1984meghaPřed 19 hodinami
  • 🥰🥰

    Kkhalifa AljahooriKkhalifa AljahooriPřed dnem
  • done

    Brenton LemonsBrenton LemonsPřed dnem
  • I love u!!!U do AMAZING pranks.I liked

    C GC GPřed dnem
  • Mason is the best😂💜💜

    Ciella AjenezaCiella AjenezaPřed dnem
  • Wait why is it always Ben winning

    Luke SmithLuke SmithPřed dnem
  • i love billie

    Summer SchnieppSummer SchnieppPřed dnem
  • That was rude

    Quana TerrellQuana TerrellPřed 2 dny
  • White shirt Bloody nose

    Loren BolesLoren BolesPřed 2 dny
  • Done

    ThatOneDude579ThatOneDude579Před 2 dny
  • She is not Billie eiliesh

    Jessica YadavJessica YadavPřed 2 dny
  • She doesnt even look like Billie -_-

    んThuñder_ SkÿlarんThuñder_ SkÿlarPřed 2 dny
  • Weat

    amelio spenceamelio spencePřed 2 dny
  • Love you can't wait to see you❤❤❤❤❤

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  • Done

    SydneyAndThemSydneyAndThemPřed 2 dny
  • I think lexi hensler doesnt look like her

    Shazida GamingShazida GamingPřed 3 dny

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Winter x Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Winter x Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔPřed 3 dny
  • And she does not sound like it

    Crina NecsuCrina NecsuPřed 3 dny
  • That wasn’t the real Billie Eilish

    Crina NecsuCrina NecsuPřed 3 dny
  • Nett LulaNett LulaPřed 3 dny
  • I love billy Elish so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

    Bangon McDevittBangon McDevittPřed 3 dny
  • OMG that was so funny😂😂

    Sonia KipsaitaSonia KipsaitaPřed 3 dny
  • Done

    Shaylynn RodriguezShaylynn RodriguezPřed 3 dny
  • Can you do more of this vids and the shook game pl I sub and like

    Allison AlvaradoAllison AlvaradoPřed 4 dny
  • She's not even close to belie elish like not being mean sorry if I am but she's not even close to belie ellish and I love your videos so much I followed and liked the hole rivera house and etc❤️

    Narjess NahleNarjess NahlePřed 4 dny
  • Done

    Anna BuchakjianAnna BuchakjianPřed 4 dny
  • Hi love your videos.

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  • I love bile eyelish

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  • I ship Ben and Lexi

    kathy vukathy vuPřed 5 dny
  • That is so not Billy

    Alyssa dittemoreAlyssa dittemorePřed 5 dny
  • Hiii

    Berfin OkatanBerfin OkatanPřed 5 dny
  • In Brent's intro why is his lips so pink

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  • With love XXXX Done

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  • 'Done'

    Medha and Manha showMedha and Manha showPřed 5 dny
  • Its fake billir

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  • Omg Billie illish😃😃😃

    Leah StantonLeah StantonPřed 5 dny
    • Omg

      Leah StantonLeah StantonPřed 5 dny
  • Not being rude but she doesn't look like Billie Eilish

    Sumeet NautiyalSumeet NautiyalPřed 6 dny
  • Lufyoo😇😃😂😊

    Abigail TurnbullAbigail TurnbullPřed 6 dny
  • but happy

    Steve KatzmannSteve KatzmannPřed 6 dny
  • that looks just like Billie Eillish

    Steve KatzmannSteve KatzmannPřed 6 dny
  • Fake

    Codrut latcuCodrut latcuPřed 6 dny
  • Know way this is not Billie eilish 100% percent I am not lying

    Joseph lynchJoseph lynchPřed 6 dny
  • That girl looks nothing like Billie she would be wearing big clothes

    Billieeilish_ is a king_Billieeilish_ is a king_Před 6 dny
  • can I be in a sout out

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    KjKjPřed 7 dny
  • The "How To Get A Free Candy Machine" is sooooo hilliarious😂😂😂 mason is really hilliarious and ofc funny

    Monikah belle AliscadMonikah belle AliscadPřed 7 dny
  • thats real looks fake

    Jhohan CubarJhohan CubarPřed 7 dny
  • thats not bille

    Nick RyanNick RyanPřed 7 dny
  • thats lexi

    Nick RyanNick RyanPřed 7 dny
  • Not to show hate, but there are other people who ACTUALLY look like her.. this girl doesn’t look anything like billie

    Golu PlaysGolu PlaysPřed 7 dny
  • Andrew is so cute

    Mumthas ShajiMumthas ShajiPřed 7 dny
  • Make a among us vedio

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  • opinion: that doesnt look like a lookalike..

    blushinqbeesblushinqbeesPřed 8 dny
  • Done

    Alexa WaltonAlexa WaltonPřed 8 dny
  • Brent - she is not a bad guy I promise Me - she is already not a guy

    Maira DurguleMaira DurgulePřed 8 dny
  • Hi it’s ilart

    IlartIlartPřed 8 dny
  • i Dont think that is Billie at ALL

    Nevaeh DurantNevaeh DurantPřed 8 dny
  • Where do you guys live and what is Billie Eilish number

    Lily TuckerLily TuckerPřed 9 dny
  • What kind of shit content is this and why is it in my recommended?

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  • I love your videos!😍😍😍😍😍!!!

    Kelly Sanchez-RomeroKelly Sanchez-RomeroPřed 9 dny
  • ok brent

    khun hengkhun hengPřed 9 dny
  • Onestly it doesn't look like Billie

    zsofia of weirdnesszsofia of weirdnessPřed 9 dny
  • 2000000k 20000000k

    Aliza Dominique AlegreAliza Dominique AlegrePřed 9 dny
  • She looks NOTHING like Billie.

    Kelvin DuongKelvin DuongPřed 9 dny
  • Mam if there's 2 alligators I will be scare and say NANI?! I scare of 2 alligators

    Antifffhsj doobyAntifffhsj doobyPřed 9 dny
  • She is not billie

    Uni joudiUni joudiPřed 9 dny
  • That didint look like bille😂😂

    Bella DoddsBella DoddsPřed 10 dny
  • Aligators are cute I would pet them I have 7 aligators at my house

    fluffy cloudsfluffy cloudsPřed 10 dny

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  • Asha

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  • I love your videos

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  • Congratulations Ben I wouldn't even last a minute in a cage full of alligators. You really are very strong

    Jemimah LalaJemimah LalaPřed 10 dny
  • wow Brent

    Callie YoungCallie YoungPřed 10 dny
  • Them:screaming Me:trying to get a close up look

    reverse flash 15reverse flash 15Před 11 dny
  • Billie from wish

    Fixonxm 99Fixonxm 99Před 11 dny
  • Ayo ima make Brent mad I ship Ben with Lexi Rivera I ship Ben with Lexi Rivera I ship Ben with Lexi Rivera I ship Ben with Lexi Rivera I ship Ben with Lexi Rivera I ship Ben with Lexi Rivera I ship Ben with Lexi Rivera BEXI

    Lim Yu HanLim Yu HanPřed 11 dny
  • You can tell its a fake Billie Eilish

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  • hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HooD

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  • That doesn’t look like bille at all 👎🏿

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  • DONE

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  • I mean when I frist saw her I was like he really got Billie Eilish there

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    Nya GuziukNya GuziukPřed 11 dny
  • Real funny brent

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  • H

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  • davie sreamed \

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  • SophieMayleen

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  • Billie relish looks fake...

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  • Bad brother Brent

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  • 😁😁👍👍

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  • Landew

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  • That just looks like Lexi As a bad girl...that looks nothing like Billie...

    Melon_girl_ytMelon_girl_ytPřed 13 dny
    • copied

      Nandini AshokNandini AshokPřed 7 dny
    • copied comment lol

      Queen HockneyQueen HockneyPřed 9 dny
  • No first I thought that was Dixie D’Amelio

    NahItsMe : DNahItsMe : DPřed 13 dny
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