Surprising my Friends with Ariana Grande!? (Pranking ALL my Friends) | Brent Rivera

7. 12. 2019
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These videos are SOOO fun to film!! comment your fav prank :)
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  • IM IN LOVE WITH THIS VIDEO😂😂😂 so fun to film !! 300k likes and I'll make more of these types of videos ❤️❤️

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  • Omg i would be so confused if people ran up too me Honestly though I think I would run myself home no joke

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  • Paige Niemann (a.k.a “Ariana Grande” ) is always uncomfortable

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  • Me when the strippers came in :🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • I’m a huge fan

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  • “How bout you eat this cake?” SENT ME LMAOOOOOOOOOO

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  • I wish I saw Ariana! She is my fav singer

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  • I love Ariana grande page look's like Ariana grande

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  • This video so funny ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha

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  • Omlll there was another CSworld named faze rug and he did the same thing with Paige

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  • Man this video is so cool

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  • paige kind of and does have look a like to ariana

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  • Oh my goshhh my favorite singerrrrr Ariana grande

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  • Yo ariana grande looks like ariana grande

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  • This are the celebrities look alike that brent suprises his friends 1. Ariana Grande 2. Taylor Swift 3. Billie Eilish 4. Shawn Mendes (actually this isn't the look alik of shawn mendes but the voice is a look alike) 5. Jason Derulo (i think this the real celebrity only) 6. Kylie Jenner

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    • Wait, i forgot, 7. Jojo siwa

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  • 4 types of spelling Lexi 1. Lexi 2. Lexy 3. Lexie 4. Lexe

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  • Ah... That's Paige right?, Cauz I can tell the difference.

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  • Hi Brent Can you bring Addison rae

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  • Brent your sister Lexi made a vid called my brother picks my boyfriend and why you say boo to Ben? Ben's not that bad he is ok

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  • Done and i love ur video's

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  • If I saw "Arianna" I will faint, people say when I sing I sound like her

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  • She looks very irritating to watch.

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  • What if Ariana freaks out 😂

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  • be gone with you, that's Paige. BRUH STOP TRYING TO BE ARIANA

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    • It’s a prank chill

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  • I love Ariana Grande because she’s like a best singer and I want to one of her concerts

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  • If Ariana was in my house I could by so happy but I haved a little brother yesterday

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  • My favorite prank was when Paige dressed up like Ariana Grande and at first I thought it was the actual Ariana.

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